About Us

A wobbly, wavy, flailing hello from Wobbly Men!

We’re an independent company based in the UK. We’re young (founded in the Long Dark Winter of 2017) and we’re wacky. Our mission in life is to raise a smile. We like to tell terrible jokes and dance like idiots. We want to make you laugh and we thought our wacky, wobbly men were a good place to start. Give ‘em a wave!

The Wobbly Men pattern comes in five core colour combos, bringing fun to everyday items, starting with the humble notepad. Take a look at the product page and you’ll find a happy harmony of interlinking men in both subtle and bolder palette choices, waving their way into your hearts and homes. Happiness is for everyone, so we ship worldwide.

Oh, and by the way, we only use paper that has been approved by the FSC - the Forest Stewardship Council. That means it comes from forests that are managed in a way that takes care of nature and people.


Our Founder

Wobbly Men was created by illustrator and all round colour fanatic, Leonie Wharton.

Having spent many hours driving through the desolate flats of the US, Leonie thought the wacky wavy inflatable tube man made an irresistible change from the monotony. He waved. She waved! Isn’t it wonderfully silly how much personality can be communicated from one twisty bendy stance to the next?

After designing the tessellating pattern, Leonie played around with colour combinations until - at last - she found her favourite five. And so the brand came to life, with Plucky Primary, Gleeful Green, Punchy Pink, Buffoonery Blue and Right-on Rainbow


Our Collaborations

We’re a friendly bunch over at Wobbly Men towers, and collaborations are an important part of our past and our future.

From the beginning, Bookblock has helped bring Wobbly Men to life. We love their high manufacture quality, beautifully demonstrated in the feel of the notebook covers paper and binding. Bookblock are always looking to widen their product range and we’re excited about where this partnership will take us.

So, what’s next for Wobbly Men? We’ll be listening to our fans (that’s you!) and creating a few more wacky Wobbly Men goodies. Right now, we have our eye on socks and tighty whities! Stay tuned for seasonal stationery, and some surprise lifestyle and homeware products.